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  • Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

    • 25 Jan 2016

    What is the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries? All this professional body has to offer.

  • Remote workers ‘less productive’

    • 6 Sep 2023

    Fully remote workers are at least 10% less productive, according to Stanford University.

  • Survey reveals ESG disconnect

    • 6 Sep 2023

    Nine in 10 professionals who specialise in ESG think a strong reporting and data collection regime will give their organisations the edge within two years.

  • UK redundancies set to spike

    • 6 Sep 2023

    The number of redundancies planned by UK employers in the past year has jumped by 54%, with financial services seeing a rise of more than a third.

  • Upsurge in AI at work exposes lack of guidance

    • 6 Sep 2023

    Staff at UK and US companies are increasingly using AI – but less than a quarter of firms offer guidance on it.

  • Can ChatGPT help me apply for a job as an Actuary?

    • 25 Aug 2023

    With the press stuffed full of stories about ChatGPT, it seems the new artificial intelligence tool can do just about anything short of washing your clothes. We have certainly seen AI, fintech and insuretech changing the Actuarial profession in recent years. But can it also help you land the perfect job? Read on to find out.

  • New law extends flexible working rights

    • 2 Aug 2023

    Legislation to extend the right of employees in England, Wales and Scotland to ask for flexible working arrangements has reached the statute book.

  • Skills shortage hampering EU green transition

    • 2 Aug 2023

    Europe is facing a major skills shortage that is impeding the move to a green economy, according to the European Investment Bank.

  • Inside story: Matthew Byrne, IFoA volunteer

    • 23 May 2023

    Matthew Byrne, head of actuarial function at NFU Mutual

  • Inside story: IFoA volunteer, Sukie Harrar

    • 23 May 2023

    Sukie Harrar, general insurance independent consulting actuary, actuarial function holder for several clients and practising certificate holder.

  • Pension managers struggle with demands of job

    • 15 May 2023

    Almost half of pension scheme managers have to work long hours and only a minority feel appropriately skilled, according to a poll.

  • Insurance vacancies hit record highs in 2022

    • 15 May 2023

    Last year saw record levels of insurance jobs posted in England and Wales.

  • Could the four-day work week work for the actuarial profession?

    • 2 May 2023

    A three-day weekend sounds like catnip for actuaries, but they might just be setting themselves up for a more stressful week.

  • Time to tidy: cleaning up your social media for potential employers

    • 30 Mar 2023

    Why you should polish up your social media accounts when applying for actuarial positions, as employers may check them in the screening process.

  • What is the ‘Great Resignation’ and how does it affect job seekers?

    • 5 Jul 2022

    The story behind the’ Great Resignation’, hybrid working and what it means for actuaries and their employers.

  • ‘Tell me about yourself’: fielding the ultimate interview question

    • 9 Jun 2022

    When preparing for an interview for that job you’ve set your heart on, there’s one question that crops up time and again: “Tell me a bit about yourself”. Although this question seems straightforward, it catches out candidates time and again. We will discuss how you can tackle this question to impress your interviewer.

  • Rethink your CV – and land that dream job

    • 6 May 2022

    Polishing your CV can ensure you’ll get your foot in the door for that new role you’ve been coveting.