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  • Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

    • 25 Jan 2016

    What is the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries? All this professional body has to offer.

  • Workers want employers to pick workplace pensions

    • 9 Feb 2024

    More than two thirds of staff prefer their employer to select their workplace pension, according to a survey.

  • Paternity leave regulations unveiled

    • 6 Feb 2024

    The government has published draft regulations setting out changes for those taking statutory parental leave where the expected week of childbirth or adoption starts on or after 6 April.

  • Hong Kong workers want 6% pay rise for full-time return

    • 2 Feb 2024

    Hong Kong employers would need to offer pay rises of 6% or more for staff to give up hybrid working arrangements, according to a Bloomberg Intelligence survey.

  • Tribunal rejects bid for full-time home working

    • 1 Feb 2024

    A senior manager at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has lost an employment tribunal claim in which she sought to force her employer to let her work entirely from home.

  • Finance and insurance are most vulnerable to AI

    • 1 Feb 2024

    The finance and insurance industry is the most exposed sector to workplace changes prompted by artificial intelligence (AI), according to a government study.

  • Employment tribunals witness rise in neurodiversity claims

    • 13 Nov 2023

    102 tribunals included claims of neurodiversity discrimination last year, up from 93 in 2021 and 70 in 2020

  • Significant rise in people working past 65 since 2000

    • 13 Nov 2023

    There are now almost one million workers aged 65 or above than there were at the turn of the century, according to the Centre for Ageing Better

  • Employees with disabilities held back in the workplace

    • 8 Nov 2023

    Disability remains a barrier to career progression, with many employers not doing enough to build a supportive culture, according to the latest research

  • Cap on UK bankers’ bonuses scrapped

    • 8 Nov 2023

    Under joint rule changes unveiled by the PRA and FCA, banks will be allowed to pay uncapped bonuses and other variable remuneration for 2023

  • Acas seeks feedback on draft code for working pattern requests

    • 7 Nov 2023

    The code aims to help agency workers and those on zero-hours or temporary contracts to generate a reliable income and manage their work-life balance.

  • Over-50s in part-time work reaches record high

    • 4 Oct 2023

    A record number of people aged 50 or above are in part-time work, according to latest government data.

  • New technologies create jobs – but there are regional divides, study finds

    • 4 Oct 2023

    Major research has found that artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation have created jobs and improved work quality.

  • Regulators launch diversity and inclusion drive

    • 4 Oct 2023

    UK regulators have set out proposals to boost diversity and inclusion in financial services.

  • Survey shows divide in how staff and employers view work

    • 4 Oct 2023

    Pay is employees’ top concern, while employers prioritise talent retention and think staff are less likely to leave during an economic slowdown.

  • Poor sleep costs 14.4m working days a year

    • 4 Oct 2023

    One in six UK workers has had to take an average of three sick days in the past 12 months due to sleeplessness, according to the latest research.

  • Remote workers ‘less productive’

    • 6 Sep 2023

    Fully remote workers are at least 10% less productive, according to Stanford University.

  • Survey reveals ESG disconnect

    • 6 Sep 2023

    Nine in 10 professionals who specialise in ESG think a strong reporting and data collection regime will give their organisations the edge within two years.

  • UK redundancies set to spike

    • 6 Sep 2023

    The number of redundancies planned by UK employers in the past year has jumped by 54%, with financial services seeing a rise of more than a third.

  • Upsurge in AI at work exposes lack of guidance

    • 6 Sep 2023

    Staff at UK and US companies are increasingly using AI – but less than a quarter of firms offer guidance on it.