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What actuarial career paths are open to me?

Published on: 25 Jan 2016

What career paths are open to me?

With one of the IFoA’s qualifications, you can work in a wide range of industries at all different levels. Below is an explanation of what you can expect to do in those roles.

What is an actuary?

Actuaries are experts in risk management. They use their mathematical skills to help measure the probability and risk of future events and their financial impact on a business and/or their clients. This information is useful to many financial services industries, such as healthcare, pensions, insurance, banking and investment. To become a qualified actuary you can work towards the Associate qualification or the Fellowship, both of which are outlined opposite.

Actuaries work with a number of professionals in areas such as data analysis, pricing and financial product marketing – these professionals are often called Analysts. We have launched a new qualification to professionalise these skills, the Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA).

An actuarial career can be one of the most diverse, exciting and rewarding in the world.

What is a Certified Actuarial Analyst?

CAAs are professional technical andanalytics experts who work in teamswhere the technical application of actuarial science is required. The generalist nature of the strong analytical skills developed by the CAA qualification, means that it can be used to open the door to a wide range of careers inside and outside the traditional actuarial sphere, from marketing to senior management.

What is an Associate?

An Associate is a qualified actuary with a broad range of technical skills in a number of different financial services industries.

What is a Fellow?

A Fellow is a qualified actuary with expert knowledge in a particular industry. At Fellowship you study to a higher level, and are highly sought after in the global market.

What is a CERA?

CERA, is short for Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary. It is a global risk management qualification and is one of the most comprehensive and rigorous enterprise risk management qualifications available. It aims to address the urgent need for highly-qualified risk management professionals worldwide, especially in the financial sector.

Why would I consider an actuarial career?

  • Globally recognised
  • Great variety in the work
  • Well paid
  • Global network of peers and career opportunities
  • Highly reputable in many industries
  • Intellectually satisfying
  • A good work/life balance

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