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UK falls down gender pay gap rankings

Published on: 7 Mar 2024

The gender pay gap has widened in most major economies, with the UK recording its biggest annual fall, according to recent research.

UK falls down gender

PwC’s Women in Work 2024 study has found that the gender pay gap grew in 20 out of 33 OECD countries between 2021 and 2022, with the average gap now 13.5%. The UK fell from 13th to 17th, with the gender pay gap now 14.5% in 2022; in 2021 it was 14.3%.

PwC warns that the UK is “being outpaced” by other countries in achieving gender equality at work, and says eradicating the gender pay gap would boost women’s earnings by £55bn.

“For every £1 earned by a man in the UK, an equally qualified woman with a similar personal and professional background earns 90p on average,” the study says. “This suggests that biases and structural inequalities in the workplace play a significant role in driving pay disparities between men and women.”

Luxembourg, with a negative gap of -0.2%, ranks first, followed by Iceland and Slovenia.