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Skills shortage hampering EU green transition

Published on: 2 Aug 2023

Europe is facing a major skills shortage that is impeding the move to a green economy, according to the European Investment Bank.


The EIB’s research, which covers 744 municipalities across the EU, reveals the major obstacles facing city planners are skilled labour shortages, as well as a lack of funding and too much red tape.

Of the respondents, 69% report facing challenges in securing experts with environmental and climate skills, as well as those with technical and engineering expertise. The EIB warns that this poses a serious problem for the implementation of local investment programmes.

The survey also reveals that 60% believe their investments in climate mitigation and adaptation infrastructure during the past three years have been insufficient. Around 80% cite lack of funding, length of regulatory processes, and uncertainty about regulations as obstacles to investment.

“Given the significant proportion of public investments made by municipalities, it’s imperative that they are equipped with the necessary resources, expert knowledge and strong cooperative networks for effective implementation,” said EIB vice-president Ricardo Mourinho Félix.