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Paternity leave regulations unveiled

Published on: 6 Feb 2024

The government has published draft regulations setting out changes for those taking statutory parental leave where the expected week of childbirth or adoption starts on or after 6 April.

father and baby

Under the Paternity Leave (Amendment) Regulations 2024, employees can take paternity leave in two separate one-week blocks at any time within 52 weeks after the birth or adoption.

Employees must continue to give notice of their entitlement to parental leave 15 weeks before the “expected week” of childbirth, but only 28 days’ notice of a planned week of leave is required under the new rules. Notice of adoptions must still be given within seven days after being told of a match.

Employers are expected to reflect the changes in revised policies and procedures in time for 6 April. Other reforms include new carers’ leave rights, changes to flexible work requests, and extended redundancy protection before and following family leave.