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Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

Published on: 25 Jan 2016

What is the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries?

The IFoA is the UK's only chartered professional body dedicated to educating, developing and regulating actuaries based both in the UK and internationally.

What is a professional body?

A professional body is usually a not for profit organisation seeking to further a particular profession, the interests of its members and the public.

The IFoA works with employers of actuaries to encourage and develop their organisations, their actuarial employees and the financial sector as a whole.

What benefits do you get as a member of the IFoA?

Alongside support from the IFoA, membership opens up a wide range of opportunities, an exciting and rewarding career path, lifelong learning and the chance to use your skills to live and work in great locations all over the world.

  • Professional recognition – your membership of the IFoA is internationally recognised and sought after by employers throughout the financial community
  • Regulation and control - you are part of a membership body which is effectively regulated to assure public confidence and which monitors and maintains standards in collaboration with the regulators
  • Education and career development – you will gain through the qualification syllabus and CPD programmes, a high quality qualification and a life long opportunity to learn, develop and reflect on that learning
  • Public affairs and promotion – you will see matters of public interest and the work that actuaries do and consult on, raised in public forums
  • Networks – you have the opportunity to build a community and grow your professional network in your practice area, in cross practice areas, and globally
  • Research – you can be involved in member-led working parties in various practice areas and through external research such as that undertaken in universities to provide members with cutting edge knowledge attuned to the realities of their working lives
  • Extensive library resources – you have the opportunity to access a wide variety of material in hard copy and online to aid studying and research projects such as research journals and study materials
  • Free resources – you will have access to a member magazine, volunteering opportunities, newsletters, the IFoA website and a virtual learning environment
  • Other resources – you can attend events, conferences as well as have access to guidance material, mentoring, forums and discussion groups, and finally, member lounges in the London and Edinburgh offices.

IFOA Members


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