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  • About Recruitment2 jobs

    About Recruitment was founded in 2017 by Ger Bradley, Actuary to provide high quality personalised recruitment services to the Irish actuarial and data science market.  We specialise in Life Assurance and General Insurance in the Irish Market.

  • Acumen Resources10 jobs

  • APR LLP2 jobs

    APR has a strong track record of providing high-quality actuarial project solutions to insurance companies and other financial institutions across the UK and beyond.

  • Arthur Financial8 jobs

    Actuaries have some of the brightest minds on the planet. Their ability to calculate risk and future events gives them a unique skill set which is in high demand by employers.

  • Aviva1 job

    With a reputation that stretches back 300 years and a total focus on what our customers want, we’ve become the world’s sixth-largest insurance group and the biggest in the UK

  • Badenoch and Clark4 jobs

  • Bolton Associates14 jobs

    Bolton Associates is a specialist search firm established in 2010

  • Bruin Financial7 jobs

  • Clarence George10 jobs

    Clarence George specialises in Life Insurance, Investment & Retirement Solutions. ​Our raison d'être is very simple. It is to truly partner with you.

  • Eames Consulting149 jobs